Hamilton-Wenham Public Library, Hamilton


This is easily the finest library we’ve seen so far. It’s a lovely interpretation of the Mission/Frank Lloyd Wright style. It’s a great place and we’ve happily used it for client meetings. Other libraries will be hard pressed to beat this beauty.

It’s a great example of a town library. As we’ve visited so many we’ve come to recognize that there are different sorts of libraries out there. There are full-service city libraries like the Boston Public or Cambridge, there are urban branch libraries like the branch in Jamaica Plain (and there are even branches of branches, like the Connolly library, also in JP), there are suburban libraries, town libraries and rural libraries.

 In each case, there are some real stand out examples and Hamilton-Wenham is really outstanding among the town libraries we’ve visited.

If you want to learn more, or support the Hamilton-Wenham library, why not take some time to visit them online?


Parking - 5, WiFi - 5, Meeting Rooms - 4, Cleanliness - 5, Completeness - 5, Community - 5, Friendliness - 4, Restrooms - 5, Noise - 5, Comfort Level - 5, Working Environment - 5

Overall Score - 4.82