Weston Public Library

There’s a lot to love about the Weston library. It’s one we’ve visited a number of times and each time this writer comes to like it more. The first visit was at the start of 2018 and while we were able to get work done, it didn’t feel like the perfect environment.

The next time we came we were able to investigate and explore more. One of the things we noticed was the really cool collection of stained glass sculpture by Joseph Ferguson, an area artist. We also visited the quiet reading room, which - with puzzles and classic games available - was intended for more than reading. (Despite being available to play, we soon discovered that the rattling dice of Backgammon were not so welcome in a library.)

On another visit, we were able to get a lot of work done in a short time, giving the feeling of almost superhuman productivity. As I write this, I am again in the quiet reading room, made even better today with the addition of quiet chamber music being played through unseen speakers. It creates a welcome sense of serenity.

The Weston library has everything we could as for from an affluent suburban library: plenty of parking, study rooms, a helpful and friendly staff, a nice range of Library of Things items and more. The quiet room, in particular, can be magical.

At the same time, though, it lacks some of the character and charm of other local libraries, which updated by adding a modern addition to an older, historical building. Don’t worry though, with a score of 4.18 out of five, Weston is well worth a visit!

You can find hours and additional information on the Weston Public Library at their site.

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One of the pieces of stained glass by Joseph Ferguson

One of the pieces of stained glass by Joseph Ferguson